Shoppers Drug Mart Flyer

Shoppers Drug Mart offers you the flyer option where you can save your money by utilizing the discounts on prices of beauty, health care products, and household items. To know the updated information about Shoppers Drug Mart Flyer, you just visit the online site and click the flyer option on the home page itself. 

The Flyer has many offers and discounts for the available products on the stores. But, the discounts and savings will be varied according to the location of the store is situated in the Canada. Through this Shoppers Drug Mart Flyer, you can save not only for one day but for six days of savings. In order to know whether your nearest store has the availability to enjoy the flyer option, you can go to the online site and enter the postal code to realize which products are under the discounts and how much you can save the money when you buy the products from the store. You can decide whether there is a necessity to buy the products from the Shoppers Drug Mart

In addition to these, the company provides you the optimum offers from which you can earn the points and Shoppers Drug Mart Flyer is the part of optimum offers. By using these, you will be able to find the savings on the available products on the online store. Here, you can choose the category from the available categories such as baby, beauty, health & wellness, food & snacks, exclusives, home, personal care, etc. Based on the categories, you can know the offers and save the money for particular products. To get the premium offers, you can create an account on the Shoppers Drug Mart online by entering your valid details like name, email, contact number, etc. 

Whenever you click the optimum offers, you can get the reliable information relevant to the current offers on the Shoppers Drug Mart and the optimum offers are including the Seniors Bonus Day, Get 18,500 bonus points, get a delectable deluxe sample with every online purchase, get 8000 shoppers optimum bonus points when you purchase the super restorative remodeling serum product, get 15,000 bonus points if you spend the $150 for Elizabeth Arden Prevage products, get 2500 shoppers optimum bonus points when you purchase any 2 participating Elastoplast products, etc. 

If you have a doubt that how to get started with the optimum offers, you can go through the below descriptions. You can login or create an account on the Shoppers Drug Mart through the mobile application. Once you have logged in your account, your personalized offers will be waiting for you. You can load the offers on for your optimum card and pick the coupons you want and select them to get the offers. To get these amazing offers, you just show your optimum card in-store. Using the online site, you can view the My optimum account, My coupons, My Flyers, donate or transfer points, edit your account, etc. Through the donate or transfer points, you can transfer the points to your friends or beloved ones to get the benefits or save the money.