Shoppers Drug Mart

Shoppers Drug Mart is Canada's leading pharmacy organization which has successfully leverages its position in Pharmacy sharing market by its in-front merchandise that including the beauty aids, over-the-counter medications, seasonal products, cosmetics & fragrances and everyday household essentials.

The company has grown to a network that contains more than 1,307 Shoppers Drug Mart stores across the Canada. These are situated in the convenient locations for customers and they are operated and owned by the company's licensed associate owners who have helped to build a brand with value and trust. It also owns 49 medical clinic pharmacies operating as Shoppers Simply Pharmacy and 5 luxury beauty destinations under the name as Murale.

Additionally, the company operates 56 Shoppers Home Health Care stores that are providing the services which include the assisted-living devices, home care products, medical equipment and durable mobility equipment to the retail customers. As well as, it owns Shoppers Drug Mart Health Network Inc. which is a provider of pharmacy & comprehensive patient support services, special drug distribution, etc. 

Although, the company operates the MediSystem Technologies Inc., where you can get the pharmaceutical products and services with the long-term health care facilities. Predominantly, the private label brands have always been an integral part of this pharmacy organization because the company continuously providing the services with new and exciting products that should meet the customer's needs and wants. The company offering the private label brands which included the Quo, Life, and Sanis. Quo is a trusted cosmetics brand and it delivers the innovative designs and on-trend palettes at affordable prices. 

It offers the cosmetics including for face, lips, and eyes with professional tools. In the Shoppers Drug Mart, there are more than 2,000 Life brand products which are relevant to the health categories which subsume the vitamins, over the counter medications, first aid, and oral care centers. SANIS essentially focusing on the delivering of high-quality generic drug products that are designed to increase the dispensing efficiency and reduce the medication errors in the sense it is striving for patient safety. 

Pharmacy Services

If you are the user of Shoppers Drug Mart, you can gain the benefits from pharmacy services which included the renewing your prescription, transfer prescription, organize your medications, easy refills, advice on over-the-counter medications, blood pressure checks, medication disposal and flu shots. Using renewing your prescription, you can extend your refills by your pharmacist assessment based on your needs and requirements when you are running out the refills for the regular medications. 

The Shoppers Drug Mart provides you the medication reviews where it ensures to help in a way that they offer the prescription medications to reach the optimal health. Transfer a prescription also provided by this company in which you will be able to transfer the prescriptions very easily by speaking with one of the members of the pharmacy team and they will take care of transferring your prescription. Here, the important note is that not all prescriptions can be transferred. 

Through the organizing your medications option, you can take the correct medicines at right times based on 7-day blister packs. The Shoppers Drug Mart offers you the advice on over-the-counter medications in which you can get the answers for your questions related to the vitamins and healthcare products that suit for you. You can enjoy the easy refills where you can order your prescription refills via phone, online or the mobile app. Along with the prescription, you can get the flu shots very easily and conveniently by contacting the phone number or online service. 

The pharmacy company disposes of your medications safely that include syringes, pen needles, and lancets. By using Shoppers Drug Mart's easy-to-use blood pressure machine, you can review your blood pressure results with the assistance of pharmacist within a couple of minutes. 

Health Information & Tools

With the help of Shoppers Drug Mart, you can check the health information and online tools such as understand your diabetes, refill your prescription and make a plan to quit the smoking. Based on the tool of understanding your diabetes, you can get the prescription before by contacting them through the online site where you can choose whether you are living with diabetes, care giver or concerned about the prevention. 

So that, you can save your time because they will allow contacting the specific pharmacist without waiting for some time. At the reserved time, you can go to the hospital and check your diabetes. If you are ready to quit the smoking, you can approach the nearest pharmacy store of Shoppers Drug Mart where you can get the right treatment plan for you to quit the habit of smoking. You can simply follow the easy steps to get the benefits from quit the smoking program.

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The steps included the directly click on the get started button after visiting the ready to quit the smoking plan on the online site Once you click the get started button, you can view the simple questions to answer. You need to answer the questions and take the print out of the answered questions. The print out should be given to the concerned pharmacist and discuss the answers with him/her. Based on the results, you can receive the personalized treatment plan to help you to quit the smoking. Through the Shoppers Drug Mart online site, you can request for the refilling of any prescription that you have previously filled at the Shoppers Drug Mart location. 

Health & Pharmacy

The company expanded the store locations and Shoppers Drug Mart is Canada's favorite drug store. Your health and well-being are the primary concern for the company and it will take care of you with a wide selection of products. It supports your health and all stages of the life. It built a pharmacy which is a heart of the store and it has knowledgeable pharmacists who will give you the extreme information of your prescriptions or recommend you to collect medicines at over the counter. To manage your health easier, there are many ways provided by the Shoppers Drug Mart. 

Based on the health care services, you can enjoy the benefits such as medication reviews, transfer a prescription, renew your prescription, organize your medications and get the advice on over the counter medication, etc. You can better your health care by following the recommendations of future health care system and it can save your money too. The nearest pharmacy company provides you the Life brand health care products and it has a diverse collection of more than 300 high-quality vitamin and health products. 

The Life brands not only dedicated not just to get well but helping you to stay well. For more than 50 years, the Canadians almost all are depending on the Life brand products to recover from the illness, fatigue and the support of a healthy life style. By keeping in that point in mind, the Shoppers Drug Mart maintains the relationship with the Life Brand products and now, it's the backbone of the Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacy. It is trustworthy and dependable for this company. The Life Brand featured products are Multivitamins and Minerals, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Calcium, MSM, Vitamins A to E and Omega Oils & essential fatty acids. 

The essential products are Life Brand B12 Timed Release 1000 mcg tablets, Life Brand Multi vitamins and minerals caplets, Life Brand daily-one formula for women caplets, Life Brand Echinacea 2500 mg and Life Brand Kids, etc. Life Brand offers the health products for women, men, and children. According to the women, it has multiple supplements that are ideal for women and the products including the Daily One which used to develop the specific nutritional needs of women based on the calcium and iron. Maybe some women's concerned about bone health and for these people, it supplies the calcium, magnesium and vitamin D medicines. Whether you are looking for antioxidants, you can try for the Alpha Liopic Acid or products with Vitamin C or E. The Life Brand offers you the extra added products Omega-3 blends which are very helpful for women who want to consume more healthy fatty acids for improving the heart health and cognitive function. 

For men's, it offers the multi vitamin formulas which are iron free and contain a balanced blend of vitamins and minerals that are very helpful to meet the unique nutritional needs. Along with these products, the Life Brand provides the health care products for kids too. If your kids are too young or picky eaters, Life Brand supplements may be the good choice for maintaining the good health. It included the products like infant drops and many delicious, easy-to-chew products, especially for children. Based on the kid's age, you can choose one of the products to maintain the good health with the help of Life Brand supplements. 


Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty could almost be a store where you can try for latest trends, shades, and looks or else you can pick up your favorite tried and true products. The consultants of the company are always on hand to help you to notice the new and latest products, find a color that compliments you or translates a run way look to real life. You can buy whatever you want and from basic cleansers to finishing sprinkle, you can check out in the Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty store. 

Through the beauty boutique of Shoppers Drug Mart, you can view the beauty products that including the makeup tools, skin care, derm skin care, fragrance, bath & body, hair and men's as well. While buying the products from the online store, you can apply the promo codes if any offers available for the particular products. On the online store of Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty, the popular brands are available such as Clarins, Dior, Urban Decay, Estee Lauder, Smashbox, Shiseido, Vichy, and Lancome. 

When it comes to the makeup tools, you can find the categories like face, nails, eyes and beauty tools and accessories. In the lips section, you can buy the products such as Lip Gloss, Lip Liner, and lipstick. The skin care products are available for you on the online beauty boutique and they are moisturizers, treatments, eyes, cleansers, lips, sun care and skin care tools. Fragrance items included the categories for men and women's.

Men's fragrance items are Cologne and Body sprays & deodorants. When it comes to the women's fragrance items, you can find the perfumes and body sprays & mists. The hair products on the beauty online store involve the services like styling products & sprays, shampoo & conditioner, hair treatments and tools & brushes. The men's products including the skin care, fragrance, hair & body and shaving items. 

Food & Home

Maybe you only looking for the beauty and health care products on the Shoppers Drug Mart online but you may not think how many grocery and house hold items are available on the Shoppers Drug Mart stores. Through this company, you can get all grocery and household items including all cleaning products for the whole house, fresh and frozen food to stock the fridge, snacks, and drinks to enjoy in front of the TV, dry goods for the pantry, electronics, and gifts for every occasion. 

With the help of Shoppers Drug Mart, you can search for the delicious snacks which are sometimes necessary for your part of life. Here are some great choices of snacks when you need a food boost such as Terra Sweets & beets, Terra Exotic Vegetable Chips, Kale Chips Say Cheese, Skinny Pop White products, etc. According to the available snacks, you can buy whatever you want from the Shoppers Drug Mart online store. You can plan your dinner very easy by taking the assistance from Shoppers Drug Mart where you can buy the products like Heinz Ketchup bottle, McCain Superfries, Janes Pub Style Burgers, Hellman's Real Mayonnaise and PC sweet potato fries, etc.

In order to buy the above-mentioned health care, beauty, and food & home products, you can use the offers to save your money. Accordingly, you are required to enter the promo codes while buying the products from the online retail store of Shoppers Drug Mart. Based on the codes, the offers will apply for the specific ordered products. You need not worry about the payment for ordered products because it provides you the online payment where you can use the credit card or debit card to make the payment successfully.

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